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Global Adjustment

Global Adjustment has become a significant cost for Ontario electricity consumers – roughly 60-70% of the average Class A consumer bill. The reduction of grid power usage during Ontario’s peak demand hours, achieved through on-site power generation or load displacement, can save most Class A consumer’s hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As an example, for each MW in demand reduction during Ontario’s coincidental peaks, a Class A consumer could save up to $600,000 per MW per year.

The installation of a generator system will ensure the Customer is able to maximize their revenue opportunity with respect to GA Mitigation, Demand Response and Strategic Electricity Production.

The primary objective/benefits of installing a generator are:

  • Reducing Customer’s hourly demand during Ontario’s five highest peak days/hours each year; with assistance from GA Alert Service that predicts when peaks may occur and when an onsite generator should be started up;
  • Increase Customer’s Demand Response Auction “DRA” participation and
  • If parallel connected, selectively producing power to avoid high Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) grid pricing when it exceeds generator operating costs.
  • Provide emergency back-up power if required.



  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Environmental

We are able to analyze the facility load profile and energy usage to identify operational savings and design a system to reduce energy costs and improve the efficiency of the facility power usage.

We can design the equipment layout with the proper connections for natural gas and electricity.

We will design the equipment installation including the electrical and natural gas routing and connection points.

We will design efficient and attractive structures to contain the power generation with sound attenuation, fire suppression and minimize the building footprint.

We will test the equipment to ensure it meets all environmental emission and noise standards.


We will shop the equipment market to find the right generators and equipment to provide power at an economical price in the most efficient manner.

We specialize in slightly used and refurbished generators that are designed for Prime power at standby prices. These units are able to run 24/7 and provide Combined Heat and Power if required.

We can provide multiple years of warranty if requested.


We will provide the design, equipment specifications and timelines to multiple install teams that will provide complete Scope of Work and price quotes for each project. Each quote will be analyzed and chosen with the best fit for each installation.

Maintenance and Service

We will provide a long-term Maintenance and Service contract that ensure your equipment is kept running efficiently and without downtime.

Global Adjustment Alert Service

Through our alliances we provide a GA Alert service that sends you daily e-mails that indicate when to run your generator and for how long to mitigate the GA charges saving you thousands of dollars per year.


We can provide financing for your energy project:

  • LEASE - optional terms with delayed payments until your GA savings are realized
  • SHARED SAVINGS - a third-part owns and operates the power generation equipment and shares in the GA savings for a set term.
  • POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT - a third-party owns and operates the power generation equipment and sells you electricity at a set rate for a predetermined term, below current market rates.



We provide surplus, low hour and zero hour refurbished or new machines that best suit your needs as per an electrical engineer’s report and full analysis of your load profile and electrical interval data.
Our goal is to provide the best priced equipment for your specific needs that have a quick payback. Our primary goal is to reduce the Global Adjustment portion of the electrical bill which represents 65 - 70% of the cost. We install Prime Power equipment that may only be used up to 500 hours per year to eliminate the Global Adjustment, however these units are capable of operating as Back Up or 24/7 as a complete Off-Grid System if necessary.

500 kW | 1100 Surplus kW | 1550 kW | 2000 kW


We provide switchgear designed to meet your specific needs, including parallel, closed transition or open transition.


We source new and refurbished transformers at competitive prices with short delivery times.

Combined Heat and Power

CHP Systems combine the production of thermal and electrical energy, requiring much less fuel than conventional methods where heat and power are produced individually/separately.

We have all necessary capabilities to design, supply, and service your cogeneration systems.

Combined Heat and Power

CHP offers a number of benefits compared to conventional electricity and thermal energy production, including:

Efficiency Benefits

CHP requires less fuel to produce a given energy output and avoids transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines.

Environmental Benefits

CHP burns less fuel to produce each unit of energy, and avoids transmission and distribution losses, which results in reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses and other air pollutants.

Economic Benefits

CHP can save facilities considerable money on their energy bills due to its high efficiency, and it can provide a hedge against electricity cost increases.

Reliability Benefits

Unreliable electricity service represents a quantifiable business, safety, and health risk for some companies and organizations. CHP is an on-site generation resource and can be designed to support continued operations in the event of a disaster or grid disruption by continuing to provide reliable electricity.

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